After experiencing a wonderful walk around Bogor’s Botanical Garden, you should take a minute to stop at Cafe Dedaunan, located in the middle of the Garden. The perfect time to go is at dusk when you can enjoy a refreshing dinner while admiring the sunset. Experience the romantic ambience on your way back to the entrance gate by strolling through the torchlight pathways.

Location : Inside the Bogor Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Bogor)

Venue type : Casual

Not to be missed : Nasi Ulam, a Balinese delicacy which consists of rice, tuna and chicken with a traditional sauce.

Price range : less than US $10

How to get there : From Bubulak Terminal, take angkot number 03. Ask the driver to stop at the front of Pangrango Plaza. The entrance to the Cafe is right across the Plaza.