Presentations will be continually updated here as they become available during the Annual Meeting, please check back again soon if the presentation you are looking for hasn’t been added yet.

Wednesday, 03 Oct:

Implementing a Landscape Approach: Sharing from our collective experience at CIFOR

Progress and potental jurisdictional approaches to sustainable development

Thursday, 04 Oct:

Three pillars “Forest Landscape Restoration” in a rapidly changing world

Impact evaluation and its sisters: Lessons from assessing conversation and development policies and programs

People in motion and forests in transition: Findings from CIFOR’s ongoing work

Gender research at CIFOR – a snapshot of recent, ongoing and planned work

Friday, 05 Oct:

CIFOR and the Private Sector: Research and Engagement

Lessons learned about Research Effectiveness from RRU/CIFOR Collaboration

GLF and COE – what’s next in science communications

CGIAR Special Initiative on Climate Change

Monday, 08 Oct:

Policy Dialogue and Engagement

Organizing the blob: The future of team science and scientific collaboration within CIFOR

Capacity Development “CIFOR’s new Capacity Development Strategy”

Tuesday, 09 Oct:

Human Resources

myCIFOR updates and Collaboration with Microsoft Team

Data management update

Organizing the blob: “What budget models for future proposals?”

Risk Assesment