Summary: Science communication is changing rapidly. New technologies, shorter attention spans and dispersing audiences all have implications for how CIFOR communicates with our partners, policy makers and stakeholders.

COE’s core mission is to amplify the impact of CIFOR research by building and nurturing diverse audiences. Our approach continues to be successful, as evidenced by our growing readership, viewership and participation numbers. To build on and enhance that success, GLF is now taking on an important role in testing new models and methods of disseminating, and building a community, fostering conversation and having impact.

This presentation will consider the following:
1. COE achievements
2. Digital trends
3. GLF – community, conversation, value

Robert will introduce GLF. The overview will be introduced by John and Jeremy, with brief contributions by Pooja Munshi (digital trends), Steve Lawry/Esther Mwangi to discuss GLF knowledge committee. (A Q&A session will follow, moderated by Jeremy.)


Key issues the session will address: COE accomplishments, digital trends, GLF


Jeremy van Loon (COE accomplishments/moderator)
Pooja Munshi (Digital trends)
Robert Nasi (introduction to GLF)
John Colmey (GLF as testing ground)
Esther Mwangi (GLF knowledge committee)


Session format: Presentation plus Q&A session


Participants: everybody interested in how COE and GLF will help amplify their research


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