CIFOR offers a range of modestly priced and fully equipped meeting and social facilities set among 40 hectares of lush rain forest. CIFOR has 4 guestrooms available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All rooms are two minute’s walk from CIFOR’s meeting rooms and office facilities. Our 13 meeting rooms can accommodate from 10-140 people. Each room is fully equipped with the latest technology. We can also facilitate Tele Audio and Video Conference.

CIFOR’s library with 5.000 books and hundreds of CD’s is open to the public during normal office hours.

Our cafeteria can cater in or outdoor, including coffee break, buffet luncheon, sit-down dinner and poolside barbeque reception.

CIFOR sport facilities let you balance business with pleasure. It includes swimming pool, indoor hall, soccer field, fitness room and forest walk tracks.

Other facilities include:
· Childcare
· On-site travel agent to handle pre and post conference tours, ticket booking, reconfirmation
· CIFOR Sport Club

The childcare is a compound located near the soccer field, next to the fitness room. It has 2 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen and wash room facility. It is specifically designed and fully equipped for young children. The facility is provided at no charge and with no professional assistance (nurse/guard etc).

Users shall take full responsibility for the safety of their children while staying there and for the broken /missing item caused by them. All children at the facility must be supervised by an adult at all times and can at no time be left unsupervised. User is expected to bring plastic mattress protection for “bed-wetter” and shall not bring sick children as it is a shared facility. No cooking is allowed

Operation hours
Monday to Sunday, 06:00 – 20:00.

Reservation: Receptionist (ext 673)

Meeting room
Office assistant will help setting up the room as requested. It will be reset to default set up at the end of the day. Weekend meeting: extra charge for AC, cleaning service, OA, technician, stationeries etc Meeting room rental fee is only for electronic equipment

Contact Person:Office Assistant (ext. 625)

Sport club
Opening hours Monday to Sunday, 06:00 – 20:00

· Adult and kiddies’ swimming pool
· Fitness room
· Forest walk tracks
· Indoor sport hall for badminton, basketball, volley ball, futsal, table tennis, tennis court etc.
· Locker room
· Soccer field
· Shower rooms

Note: Do not leave your personal belonging in the changing room. Any left item will be stored in the “lost & found” box in the locker room. User shall take care of their belongings and CIFOR shall not be responsible for any missing items.

All players who use the facilities accept that CIFOR is not liable for any injuries that they may suffer. Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult at all time.

Fitness room
It is located in one of the compound by the soccer field, next to the “Childcare”. Facility includes:
1. Shower room
2. Lockers

All equipment, lights and AC shall be turned off when you are done.

Locker room
The locker room is located inside to the shower room in the sport center.
Available in different sizes & prices:
1. H90 x W32 x D50 cm, 20 units, @ Rp.20.000/month
2. H45 x W32 x D50 cm, 12 units, @ Rp.10.000/month
3. H30 x W32 x D50 cm, 12 units, FREE for daily use only. Overnight fee will be IDR 5,000/night/locker

Minimal rental period is 1 month, and maximal is for 1 year (extendable). Payment is settled directly to the Cashier in exchange for the key. Your key is not numbered for security reason.

User is responsible for the cleanliness of the locker. Lost key or broken part is chargeable.

Reservation: Receptionist (ext 673)

Swimming pool
Please observe the pool regulation provided in the notice board in the veranda.